Vermini™ – The Mini but Mighty Product.   

Vermini™ – The Mini but Mighty Product.    

Vermini™ – The Mini but Mighty Product. 

All good things come in small packages, right?! Well, that’s what we believe and discovered at Vermillion Cosmetics in Atlantic City, NJ. 

 Vermillion Cosmetics was founded on the fundamental of Cruelty-Free, Clean Beauty because our skin and smiles are incredibly important to us and our lifestyle. By Framing a Smile, Vermillion Cosmetics is able to assist in boosting confidence in women, girls & men of all ages, which is why we continue to make our product, and colors, more accessible.  

 As our company began, we excitedly shared our original collection of 16 Full-Size Liquid Matte Lipstick Tubes product with Dentists, Make-Up Artists, Mothers, Husbands, Hygienists, Dance Coaches and various consumers throughout the East Coast. But let’s face it, giving away full-size product isn’t a dream come true for a company in infancy. Through conversations with consumers, clinical and dental professionals, and a genuine desire to enhance all lips using our specially crafted formula, Vermillion Cosmetics decided to create a new initiative that included add-on incentives with purchases and giveaways, but ultimately full-sized product was still being regularly distributed at no cost to the consumer. Because of this predicament, the Vermillion Cosmetics team – a small and mighty team of two at this time – came up with the idea to distribute mini lipsticks as samples for consumers, and tools for dental practices.  

While sitting in the Vermillion Cosmetics office, President & COO, Caitlin Nicke and her Executive Assistant, Katrina Lafferty, revealed at the adorable mini lipstick tubes, thinking about all the power these cute, mini tubes had. As they laughed, drank their coffee and crossed off their to-do lists, Katrina said, “They’re just like the cutest Verminis…” 

 As her voice trailed off, Caitlin excitedly shrieked, “WAIT, that’s it! We have Verminis!”  

 On a casual Friday as the leaves began to change colors, Verminis were born into the Vermillion Cosmetics Lipstick Family. This addition brought a plethora of change, excitement and growth for the company, and now Verminis have become a staple of Vermillion Cosmetics   

 Vermini™ tubes are one of many additions to our Lip Care system that enhances all lips for everyday wear, and even those fancy functions we all love so much. From the perfect tool on dental trays to the accessible lipstick in every purse you own, Verminis are here to enhance your smile, and lifestyle. 

 The Liquid Matte Lipstick Collection by Vermillion Cosmetics consists of 32 trend-setting colors, Vermillion Ice and Vermattified Serum. But we couldn’t let the full-size tubes have all the fun – cue Vermini™ birth in all colors, Ice and Serum! Vermini™ tubes have become a predominant tool in daily lip care and accessorizing. These tiny tubes can easily be slid into the pocket of a favorite jeans or a Dental Hygienist’s scrubs. Vermini™ accessibility is a stand out feature of the product and has presented men and women with the opportunity to use lipstick, Vermillion Ice & Vermattified Serum in a plethora of ways. From event incentives, to giveaways, and sweet surprises, Vermini™ tubes excite all people looking to enhance their natural lips – the cute factor is just a bonus! 

 Vermini tubes are the small but mighty accessory transforming the Cosmetic and Dental industry. When describing Vermini tubes, the first word always seems to be a very excited, “Cute!” Whether a smile is big and bright or small and smirky, Vermini™ tubes will deliver intense hydration, all-day color, and irreplaceable power within your smile! 


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