The Ultimate Girlboss – Vermillion Cosmetics’ President & COO 

The Ultimate Girlboss – Vermillion Cosmetics’ President & COO 

The Ultimate Girlboss – Vermillion Cosmetics’ President & COO 

Written By: Brooklyn Sherrill

 Sitting in her office chair with a broken foot, messy bun mangled together with a scrunchie, and an untouched everything bagel, Caitlin Nicke is taking the dental and cosmetic industry by storm. Although her current mood may not feel like the ultimate boss babe, that’s exactly who she is!  

 Coming from humble beginnings, Nicke understands that finding your passion is not just about careers and money, it’s about discovering your authentic self and assisting others with doing the same. That is why, with assistance from business partners, she established Vermillion Cosmetics, the #1 Dentist Recommended Lipstick. 

 Leadership was instilled in Nicke by her Abuela who was a family patriarch, embodying determination, strong work ethic and boundless love for her family & friends. Her words have followed Caitlin around in every business venture, and Nicke will always pick up the phone to say hello or collect advice – she usually receives words of encouragement, too! Although Nicke was inspired by her Abuela, leadership comes naturally to her. As the President and COO of Vermillion Cosmetics, she is constantly organized and excelling at her duties, reminding her employees that their duties are important and their presence is necessary to further the company and empower all smiles. A member of Nicke’s Marketing Team has described her as, “… a breath of fresh air. Her passion for her company is not only inspiring but fills our office environment with positivity.”  

 Her workday does not end when she leaves the office, in more ways than one. Not only does Caitlin lead Vermillion Cosmetics all day and work late into the night, she also manages the schedules of her two children and husband. Her dedication to her company is because of her devotion to her family. Waking up extra early each morning to be prepared with book bags, work bags and coffee cups, is just a small part of Nicke’s daily routine. Once the kids are loaded on the bus, Caitlin jumps into her dream car, the one she worked day and night to acquire, and drives to the office where she is greeted by the women she hand-selected to empower Vermillion Cosmetics. As she strolls into her Executive Office, her smile and attitude is equally contagious, and her lipstick is always perfect! 

From Albright College, Nicke studied Pre-Med and focused in Pediatric Surgery. She always planned to heal children’s hearts, not framing smiles. Nicke’s intelligence is an impressive combination of medical, dental and dermatology experience and knowledge, expands to photography and now, entrepreneurship. Although she diverted from the path she created for herself at a young age, Nicke couldn’t imagine life any other way.  

 Freedom to create is the principle pillar for Nicke in regard to “Why Vermillion Cosmetics?” Not only is Caitlin constantly developing lipstick names, colors and dissecting formulas and numbers, she has creative control of empowering women throughout the world by framing their smile. The meaning instilled in Vermillion Cosmetics encourages Caitlin to develop the company into a leading clean-beauty brand.  

 A deeper meaning is something Nicke looks for in everything – seriously, ask her about the time she found meaning in a flock of birds! Caitlin has always found meaning important because it creates outside the box thinking and a deeper understanding of current business ventures and personal situations. When crafting the Vermillion Cosmetics Mission Statement and Values, Nicke harped on the significance of confidence, the power in a smile, inclusivity and individuality. By focusing on the connotations associated with those words, Vermillion Cosmetics was created to Frame Your Smile because it’s “Your Smile. Our Specialty.”  

 Vermillion Cosmetics gives Caitlin’s life a new meaning. She is constantly learning and developing as a businesswoman, COO, mother and wife because of the company she has created, tribulations and triumphs. Beginning as a one woman show above a dental practice in South New Jersey, Vermillion Cosmetics rapidly developed into a team of energized individuals who are passionate about the company and product. How was this passion instilled so quickly? Well, Caitlin is the one to thank for that! Because of her determination, Vermillion Cosmetics now operates in two office buildings, has two headquarters; Atlantic City, NJ and Miami, FL, and is operational from New Jersey to Spain and Lebanon. But no matter how many smiles Vermillion Cosmetics frames, Caitlin will always remember:  

 “It’s not aesthetic, it’s values based. The people who have lost the emotion in their smile, we’re bringing it back!” – Caitlin Nicke  



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