The Perfect Smile – Hue Do You Achieve It? 

The Perfect Smile – Hue Do You Achieve It? 

The Perfect Smile – Hue Do You Achieve It? 

“Empowered women empower women,” a statement we have all heard before, but the opportunity to affirm it still remains. With empowerment comes great confidence, the chance for women and girls to enhance this world by being who they are, naturally. The values instilled at Vermillion Cosmetics emphasize the importance of building women up, reinforcing natural beauty inside & out, and providing women the possibility to combine health and beauty.  

 Instilling confidence is a pillar of Vermillion Cosmetics, and the first step to creating the perfect smile. Following this principle, we were able to create a formula derived from all-natural ingredients that consistently moisturize lips to assist in possessing nourished lips, with or without lipstick. The truth is, there are many variables that can limit your confidence and power associated with your smile. From environmental factors, diet, age, water intake and just how you feel on a daily basis, your smile can suffer. Cracked and chapped lips can cause pain, irritation and redness which diminishes confidence and comfort. To heal and hopefully solve this obstacle, Vermillion Cosmetics crafted a formula with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to aid in healing, repairing and transforming lip tissue to increase your desire to smile a little bigger and a lot brighter!  

 Unfortunately, the perfect smile is not achieved with just one step of hydration. Like all good things, it takes time! With a specialized Lip Care system created by Vermillion Cosmetics, the perfect smile is more achievable than ever before. LiPro™ is a one-of-a-kind, clinical and clean lip care plan that addresses the importance of exfoliation, hydration and discovering the perfect smile. Comprised of five steps, depending on a person’s ideal finish, LiPro™ uses various Vermillion Cosmetics products – that are never tested on animals – to remove dull and dead skin cells, saturate lips and ultimately rejuvenate the smile!  

 Step one sets the tone for a tremendous LiPro™. Beginning with dampened lips and Vermillion Cosmetics lip scrub and brush, we suggest you rub-a-dub-scrub your lips for 45-60 seconds, moving in circular motions starting on the bottom lip then moving to the upper and repeating the motion for the duration of time. Exfoliation is a painless process and requires light pressure to remove lackluster skin cells, but should not cause intense irritation – we’re healing lips not hurting them! After appropriate exfoliation, lightly rinse lips with water or remove product with a moist washcloth.  

 Let’s talk step two; well actually, no talking at this time! Masking is a moment of nourishment and calm. Remove Vermillion Cosmetics Lip Mask from packaging, align with your lips and place flat onto your lips. Since the mask is the shape of lips, make sure arches of the mask are aligned with your Vermillion Border and does not reach beyond inner waterline of lips. When lip mask is place, take time to relax and rejuvenate for at least 90 seconds and up to five minutes. Then remove mask and let oils soak into lips. Now, lips should feel supple, ready to be framed or Vermattified.  

 The final step to achieving the perfect smile with LiPro™ is to apply Liquid Matte Lipstick, Vermattified Serum or both products. Depending on desired finish, an application of Liquid Matte Lipstick followed by Vermattified Serum can occur, or for everyday lip finish, apply five dabs of Vermattified Serum to lips. Whether lips are popping with color or coated with antioxidant-rich serum, your perfect smile is developed and ready to impress the world!  

 Combining confidence and LiPro™, the perfect smile is achievable. Having nourished lips, with or without fabulous lipstick, creates contagious assurance and empowerment through big and brilliant smiles highlighting natural lips, teeth and health properties! Vermillion Cosmetics encourages natural restoration for achieving the perfect smile, but benefits from whitening, dental cleanings and cosmetic aesthetics can enhance the desire to smile, perfectly.  

 Dental Practices focus on the smile and overall oral care which is why Vermillion Cosmetics is constantly striving to be a spotlight in the community. By focusing on perfecting a smile, Dentistry and clean, clinical lipstick are closely associated. At Vermillion Cosmetics we focus on natural care in the practice and at home, but sometimes we need more to boost our confidence. Our office is guilty of over caffeination, and we know all too well how the coffee we love harms our pearly whites. The most recommended solve is teeth whitening. These practices artificially dye teeth to create the Hollywood-white smile many people want to achieve. Using these practices can assist in creating the perfect smile – just remember to pick up your newest Vermillion Cosmetics Lipstick color before you leave the practice!  

 “But what do I do if I don’t want to chemically whiten my teeth to achieve the perfect smile?”  

 Funny you should ask, this is Vermillion Cosmetics’ favorite question to answer. We know that whitening is not a completely natural nor inexpensive process. Those factors were not good enough reasons to make us say “oh well,” so we persevered to advance our formula by creating all our lipstick products with a blue undertone. By using a blue pigmentation in all our colors, we are able to create warm and cool-toned lipsticks that give the illusion of whiter, brighter teeth. The contrast of blue undertones against teeth seems to alter the hue of your smile when Vermillion Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick is worn. Blue undertones are so important to us because they can be achieved naturally, and they are not just an Instagram trend. This crafty trick in our specially crafted lipstick formula helps perkup that perfect smile!  

 “We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do,” said the inspiring Mother Teresa. Your smile holds the power of perfection and empowerment for yourself and others. When you share your everyday smile, Vermillion Cosmetics will be by your side, in your purse and on your lips to ensure your perfect smile is flawlessly hydrated, pearly white and empowering. Perfect that smile and live your life, babe! 



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