The Ultimate Lip Care Routine – Vermillion Cosmetics’ LiPro™ System

The Ultimate Lip Care Routine – Vermillion Cosmetics’ LiPro™ System

The Ultimate Lip Care Routine – Vermillion Cosmetics’ LiPro™ System

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but chapped, cracked lips rarely make us feel confident. That is why Vermillion Cosmetics created the revolutionary LiPro™ System, a self-care regiment designed to rejuvenate lips bringing forward a healthy, beautiful smile. A three-step system focused on exfoliation, conditioning and hydration to reveal glowing skin, the LiPro™ System is a wellness tool for all. Using Vegan, Organic ingredients the LiPro™ System enhances collagen production through a non-invasive, at-home routine.

The creation of LiPro™ was motivated by the desire to assist all people in achieving a healthy smile in a natural way. The three-step process is simple and relaxing, and increases the flattering appearance of healthy lips at home and within the dental practice. The LiPro™ System is designed and optimized by an accredited team of dental cosmetologists who wanted to address the concerns within the beauty and dental industries. By encompassing the wants and needs of women and men, Vermillion Cosmetics carefully developed a three-step program that is effortless and spa-like. These simple steps include various Vermillion Cosmetics products to repair and rejuvenate lips in an indulgent all-natural way. The smile-perfecting LiPro™ System is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Exfoliation is the first step of the LiPro™ System. The sugar-based scrub; crafted with mint, sugar and other Vegan properties, hones in on the importance of removing dead skin cells

to unveil smooth, full lips. Combing Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Peppermint Extract, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin C and E, the exfoliating scrub is non-invasive and Allergen-Free to make use accessible to a variety of clients because of its natural properties. The exfoliation process uses the Sugar Scrub as well as the customized Vermillion Cosmetics Lip Scrubbing Brush. The custom brush is designed with various sized silicone bristles to stimulate collagen production and showcase full lips. The process of exfoliation is as simple as the LiPro™ System itself. By scooping a small amount of scrub and placing it on the lips, the process has begun. To exfoliate, one would move the custom brush in circular motions around the lips, evenly spreading the sugar scrub and also removing skin that was irritated by outside pollutants. To complete the exfoliation process, rinse with warm water to remove excess sugar scrub, leaving lips vulnerable and in prime condition for moisturizing.

Now it’s time to relax and revitalize! The second step in the LiPro™ System is to condition lips using a Hyaluronic Lip Mask. The cute as can be Lip Mask is fortified with Cruelty-Free ingredients to plump vulnerable skin before hydration. The Vermillion Cosmetics Lip Mask is designed to fit all lips by forming to creases and water lines. Ideally, a Lip Mask is left on for over five minutes so key ingredients are absorbed by lips and renew the appearance of lips by filling fine lines and cracked lips. The final LiPro™ System step is to moisturize lips using a hydrating serum. Again, the Vermillion Cosmetics team of dental professionals, worked tirelessly to create a nourishing product that reveals a long-lasting healthy smile. The

Vermattified Serum is designed to moisturize lips and create a supple smile that always looks healthy and luxurious. By using five small dots of Vermattified Serum, one can press lips together to feel the velvet-smooth finish on lips enhanced by all Vermillion Cosmetics products.

Vermillion Cosmetics takes oral care to a phenomenal level with the customized LiPro™ System designed to address negative pollutants and revitalize lips, every day. The LiPro System focuses on the major benefits of exfoliation and hydration to combat daily stressors and increase collagen production on a daily basis to constantly improve lips appearance and expand confidence within the smile! Vermillion Cosmetics is always looking to improve lifestyles, and Pampering the Pout is the perfect, easy way. Scrub your worries away and present your beautiful smile to the world today!


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