Embrace Change – RDH to Dental Education Director

Embrace Change – RDH to Dental Education Director

EMBRACE CHANGE – RDH to Dental Education Director

Written By: Becky Andres, RDH, Dental Education Director

I have worked in dentistry for many years. One thing I always told myself was to never be so set in my ways that I don’t want to try new things and to never be afraid of change. That may seem simple enough, but really it’s not. Whether it be digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, the latest whitening system, Arestin, Velscope, Fluoride Varnish- all these things came into dentistry after I had my dental hygiene license. It’s change…it’s different…it wasn’t what I already knew. However, they were good changes, positive changes, created to help me provide my patients with the best of care. The latest change I have experienced is realizing the importance of lip care and honestly how much it is overlooked and ignored in the dental field. I am including myself in that statement. I have heard patients say many times over the years how much their lips hurt because they were so badly chapped. My usual response was, sure, it’s that time of year!

Thankfully, that is not my response any longer. In my dental practice we are making the lips and lip care more of a priority and providing options to help patients with their extra-oral needs. Their intra-oral needs have always been something we strive to provide the highest quality of treatment , but our patients have always expected that from us. Lip care is now the next level and the next change in dentistry.

I am now able to offer my patients a clinical lip care system called LiPro created by Vermillion Cosmetics. This system consists of 3 steps. Exfoliate, Condition, Hydrate. This system can be performed at any dental appointment or even scheduled as its own appointment. The first step of the LiPro is to use the Vermillion Cosmetics Vegan Lip Scrub which contains shea butter, coconut oil, crushed mint leaves, avocado oil,peppermint extract and agave nectar. The scrub is applied to the lips via a lip brush using small circular motions. The exfoliation of the lips helps remove dead skin cells, increase blood flow and promote natural collagen growth. Step 2 of the LiPro system is to condition the lips with the placement of a Vermillion Cosmetics hyaluronic lip mask. It is placed on the lips from 5-45 minutes depending on patient time availability. The lip mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and aloe vera. The final and third step is to apply the Vermillion Cosmetics Vermattified Lip Serum to hydrate, heal and soothe the lips. This Serum contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and safflower oil. Upon completion of the LiPro the patient is left feeling relaxed with soft, supple, smooth and healthy lips.

One of my favorite things about this system is that the ingredients are all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, allergy friendly, lead-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free. I have formed a professional relationship with my patients and they have developed a trust in me as their dental health provider. Because of this, I believe in giving my patients the best care and I want them to have quality products. The LiPro System is just that.

Lip care is universal. It is not strictly for women although that is most likely what is first thought. Men, adolescents and children also benefit from lip care and prevention. The responses I have had from my patients of all kinds has been so positive and gratifying. They are actually surprised how healthy their lips feel after the LiPro has been completed. This change of adding lip care into dentistry has been one that I didn’t know was needed until I educated myself and realized it’s value. The change is happening and I, as a dental provider am embracing it!


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