Self-Care is the Best Care: How and Why to Care for Your Lips

Self-Care is the Best Care: How and Why to Care for Your Lips

Self-Care is the Best Care: How and Why to Care for Your Lips

Self-care is the ultimate trend! From meditation to face masks and taking time to log off, people are constantly indulging in themselves. But like all trends, the question remains: will self-care fade like other crazes that have come before? Here at Vermillion Cosmetics we know this is not just a trend, but rather a long-term lifestyle choice. We believe encouraging our clients to take care of their lips not only increases overall appearance and confidence, but boosts mental clarity and self-love, too. At the risk of sounding corny… look good, feel good! By crafting a Cruelty-Free LiPro™ System, Vermillion Cosmetics listened to real men and women to gain feedback and understanding of what lip care self-care truly means. By pampering using Organic, simple ingredients, the LiPro™ products not only assisted in following the self-care craze, but also the wellness trend. Self-care is not about lip masks and long walks on the beach. It is realizing that every choice and product ultimately influences the mind and body’s ability to function greatly. Being sensitive to that fact, Vermillion Cosmetics chooses to use Vegan ingredients in our fresh lip scrub. Combing Coconut Oil, Mint and coarse Sugar, the Vermillion Cosmetics Lip Scrub is the perfect product to buff away damaged skin and encourage downtime. By using this customized lip scrub, Vermillion Cosmetics clients notice a visible difference in the appearance of their lips. The LiPro™ lip-care does not solely consist of a minty lip scrub. After brushing away blemishes, Vermillion Cosmetics encourages a lip mask to be used – perfecting the self-care relaxation!

Two minutes (or more) to relax and rejuvenate? We’re in! The Hyaluronic Lip Mask offered by Vermillion Cosmetics is designed to revitalize while relaxing. Having a busy schedule should not hinder the opportunity for self-care. That’s why, while creating our lip care system, Vermillion Cosmetics focused on delivering lasting results in a swift time frame. After scrubbing lips, we suggest wearing the lip mask for two minutes or more. Although two minutes is barely enough time to listen to a full song, it is just the correct amount of minutes to let the Hyaluronic Lip Mask ingredients soak in to plump lips and reduce fine lines. After placing the lip mask on lips, Vermillion Cosmetics clients sit back, relax and take two minutes to just be present. By closing eyes, taking cleansing breaths through the nose and letting the lip mask penetrate lips, self-care peaks. Because relaxation is so important in terms of self-care, Vermillion Cosmetics urges the lip mask to be placed on for more than two minutes, but not all busy schedules allow that. Whether it’s two minutes or eight, indulge in the lip care you need to promote your mental and physical wellness.

Relaxing and rejuvenating does not have to end after two minutes. By crafting an ultra hydrating serum, Vermillion Cosmetics made sure clients could continuously better themselves, and their lips. Our Vermatiffied Serum™ works to hydrate lips all day by using Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. By placing small dabs of the serum on lips, lips are sure to radiate wellness. The Vermatiffied Serum™ is packed with positive oils that increase hydration levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Keeping lips moisturized is a key in protection and overall wellness.  Healthy, hydrated lips are less likely to burn in the summer sun nor chap in the winter’s cooler temperatures; overall presenting a confident smile all year long.

Some trends come and go while others last forever, and we have a feeling that self-care, lip care is here to stay! Taking care of the body has become much easier thanks to Vermillion Cosmetics and various other companies working to provide everyday wellness solutions for the
self-care routine. In under ten minutes, lips can feel revitalized and the mind and body can be relaxed. By combining real, raw ingredients, Vermillion Cosmetics crafted a uniquely amazing LiPro™ System that transforms lip care into ultimate self-care. Wellness is not a trend, it is a long-term investment into a positive lifestyle. Begin your healthy, confident lifestyle choices today with Vermillion Cosmetics.


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